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The pongal celebration setting at school was really nice. Nowadays our kids have no chance to see those things. So thankyou very much for introducing those things (especially kayathu kattil) for them.

Thanks and Regards


P/O Samyuktha

Grade 4 A.

Appreciations for the great evening event on 24.01.2015. First of all blessed to hear the inspirational speech delivered by the Great Achievers. Cool start with a warm WELCOME DANCE. The gesture and grace of the kids performing welcome dance gave a great opening to the culturals. Followed by that The RAMAYANA. FLOWER DANCE, SKIT, FAIRY TALE WITH A MORAL "WISDOM WINS" , TAP DANCE , YOGA , CHURCHILL EVENT all are well organised. A special mention about the BGM's and the SOUND QUALITY. Very colorful costumes apt for each show. Tap dance made us to tap too. On top of everything I could see the hard work and dedication of the QMIS team in making this Event a grand success. Thank you QMIS for the Visual Treat.

Thanks and Regards

Geetha Karthik

P/O Dheeksha Karthik

KG1 B.

Dear Mr.Abinath , Principal and teachers,
HATS OFF to the tamil teacher for a wonderful presentation of Mahabaratham. It was really a great colorful stage. Once again a HATS OFF to your concrete voice.

Thanks and Regards

Rama Sundarasekaran

P/O Vijay Adith

Grade 7.

Respected madam,
I was so happy to attend the annual day function. It was excellent and it was done in a planned way. Hats off to the teachers who have put a lot of work in it. I was amazed to see the Pre.K.G kids in drama. Queen Mira students have proved that they can excel in everything.

Thanking you

Karthika balat

P/O. Santhosh

KG1 C.

Good day. Wish you happy Tamil new year and pongal.I wish the Pongal celebrations a grand success as the previous years. I appreciate the management, teachers and staff for celebrating this cultural function which is boosting the pride of the soil. This shows the clear vision of the management regarding education and culture.

Thanks and Regards

Mr.Muthu Krishnan

P/O Anumukitha & Shanmuga Natraj

Grade 7 & 8.

I am happy that Dheeksha is nowadays taking her lunch properly. Previously she used to be very fussy. I would like to give the credit to the class mentors Ms. Vigneshwari and Ms. Jensi for helping Dheeksha during lunch hour.

Thanks and Regards

Geetha Karthik

P/O Dheeksha Devi Karthik

KG 1 'B'

On 27th July, 2014 as I got into the school van it was an absolute surprise to see the Principal of the school to accompany her team of students and teachers to the venue of the Kiddie Fest Competition. It was of much more surprise when I returned from the back stage with the kids to see the Managing Director of the school being delighted to watch his students perform.

Thank you to one and all.

Mrs.Kalyani Venkatesh,

P/O, Veer Surya

Grade 3.

I take great pleasure in thanking and appreciating the QMIS team for their overall achievements till date ...

Thanks and regards,

Dr.Sujatha Chenthilnathan,

P/O C.Gaurav Kaalai &

C.Guhan Kaalai.

Firstly the thought of taking their children along to view the exhibition is to be appreciated and of course the timing allotted for every grades. Every single concept was well explained with a smile which shows the dedication and patience of the students...

Thanks and regards,


P/o Pranitha.Ra.S.

Grade 2.

"Fostering Scientific Temper"

A very brilliant idea by QMIS Team Impacting great ideas in the young minds is remarkable. Talking about density, pressure,force,energy,ohm's law, Archimedes Principle, Oh! where were we? In physics class again. But definitely these classes were not boring but rocking and interesting as they were performed by our young, talented ,outstanding future scientists...

Thanks and regards,


P/o S.A.Rakshitha, Grade VI A.

It was great pleasure to visit the Science Day celebrations and the Exhibition displayed on account of it. It was also exciting to see our ward participate along with fellow school mates. Such expos will kindle the creativeness in students, increases their public speaking skills, and removes stage fear.

Though, I didnt visit, I was able to hear over phone and view the photos. My family had the opportunity to visit all the exhibits...

Thanks and regards,

Santhana Manimaran

San Diego, CA

"A good platform was created by your management for the students to show their scientific talent , students are very expressive in explaining the principles and they made an interactive explanation

which is to be applauded.

the way students explained right from the required materials with quantities needed for the experiment are good.All the experiments like conduting electricity through pencil, flow of air from higher end, hot air ballon principle, flubber ball , lava lamps, copper plating, are explained in a way that reaches common man.It reminded my school days. I am proud to say that my child studies at QMIS...

k.r. shivashankari