"Dear Parents, Team QMIS wishes you all the “Happy and flourishing New Year 2019”. School Reopens on 3rd January 2019, Thursday for the Graders PKG to Grade 9 and 11."


  • To educate the leaders of tomorrow who will change the way the world lives, learns and works


  • Anywhere anytime learning environment.
  • Collaborative learning environment of students and teachers provides opportunities to develop personnel & professional attributes.
  • Deliver value based education that produces responsible global citizens who act as a change factor in the society.


I'm the father of Master.B.Jovan (VI A). Heartiest congratulations on becoming a CIS member. I'm really pleased to express my gratitude for the school's efforts to involve the parents in shaping the children's future. I can realize the truth in the school's vision for the holistic development of the children after experiencing the events conducted, New sports arena activities after school hours, dedicated and enthusiastic P.E Teachers. I'd raised a few of my concerns to vice-principal, class mentor and a subject teacher on a couple of occasions, and always received prompt and appropriate response. They gave reasonable justification when they were unable to meet my justified expectations. Earnestly looking forward to actively partnering with the School to bring out products who will lead the society towards more peace, harmony, and prosperity. Kudos QMIS. Please do keep up the good work and strive for excellence in all fields. Yours truly, R.Bhaskaran

Thanks and Regards


P/O Jovan B

Grade VI A

I take immense pleasure in writing this note of appreciation to Ms. Jaya Dhinakaran, The class Mentor of Grade 1 "C". Commendable efforts by her handling the core three subjects (EVS, MATHS & ENGLISH) still giving her best. My daughter Dheeksha is doing great under her guidance. Ms. Jaya has got a clear assessment about the child's strength and weakness and gives us a clear report about them. Apart from the Academics she teaches Discipline and good manners. She takes utmost care during lunch hour and encourages the children to complete the lunch. Myself and my Family would like to thank Ms. Jaya for her efforts and making us feel happy that Dheeksha is at the right place. Thank you Ms. Jaya

Thanks and Regards

Mrs.Geetha Karthik,
P/⁠O Dheeksha Devi Karthik,
Grade 1 "C".

Mom & Me season 2-it was really a wonderful program conducted by the great QMIS team.I felt very happy to be a part of it today. This will surely make the mom-child bond still more healthier and stronger.Activities-sports ,art,school cinema,dressing up games-everything was nice,organised and we enjoyed a lot.School cinema session really made me to think a lot,and I will surely inculcate the good habits in me and my family by which my son will follow the same good habits.Definitely QMIS creates a collaborative learning environment for the students.My special thanks to all the teachers of QMIS for doing this awesome job.My best wishes QMIS team to come over with very good programs like these in future.

Thanks and Regards

Grade 1C 

Myself along with my wife attended the Annual Day function Sangamam on 18th Dec, 2016 at Queen Mira International School and truly appreciate the effort undertaken by the teachers and students to have a great show.
The events were well organized and from the presentation it was clear that lot of hard work and dedication is put by all to make it a success.
For the Play directed and organized by Ms. Fathima along with the students is a joy to watch.
Thanks for taking such effort involving students. I wish the same spirit and enthusiasm for learning new things will be continued in the days to come in the school.
All my best wishes to the entire team of Queen Mira for a successful and prosperous Year 2016

Thanks and Regards

Saikat Chattopadhyay
P/O.Vrinda CHattopadhyay
KG-2, Section C 

We attended a science class for Std 6B as an observer. We would like to provide the feedback based on our observations. The students and the teacher received us well. The class room learning atmosphere was excellent. The teacher took a class on “electrical energy”. The teacher motivated the students well on the concept. The teacher’s explanation on the concept with the relevant example was good. The teacher used AV aides appropriately and effectively. The teacher’s presentation and communication skill was excellent. The teacher took the session in structured way with good planning. The teacher’s knowledge on the subject was good. We appreciate the teacher’s involvement in handling the class. The teacher asked questions to the students in between to ensure the students understanding. The teacher helped the students to perform the practical activity with involvement. The student interaction with the teacher was really good. Our overall feedback on the session was outstanding and it is meeting the international standards. Thanks for giving this opportunity to observe a live class in the school. It is really a good initiative.

With Regards,

P/O. Saumiya 

First I offer my sincere thanks for giving the opportunity to observe Grade 8 science class.. It was an interactive session. The children were given one on one coaching though slide shows. In precise it was an excellent class.

With Regards,
Sivasubramanian.M F/O Siva.Hemapriya

It had been a valuable experience for me to come for the Open House. We could feel the responsibility taken by the teachers in each and every move of our kids. We feel happy to see our kids in the right place. This meet creates an eagerness to know how our own child responds to their teachers during the classes. We could see that each and every student gets an individual attention from the teachers. Good going Queen Mira.

With Regards,

P/O. Mohammed Faheem
KG 1 

I really enjoyed my session in KG 2 'A'. I liked the way the teacher (Ms.Lizzie) motivated the students to write. The way she taught the number and its spelling was so interesting. And it was nice to see everyone participating and their eagerness to learn more.

With Regards,

p\o D.Nandeesh
KG1 'C' 

Open House was quite interesting to see the kids live performance , really excited and enjoyed the session. I felt very happy to see the cute little ones behavior & active participation inside the class room. I appreciate the faculty for making them to focus towards her by presenting the class more lively & interactive. It is extremely good to see the kids response in English." A Mother is a Teacher at Home & A Teacher is a Mother at School ", really I'm glad to see the teacher as a mother there. I appreciate Queen Mira for educating the Leaders of Tomorrow. I thank you for giving us an opportunity to attend this live session.

With Regards,

P/O Vrikshan
KG 1 

I had an opportunity to attend Grade 8B English class. The teacher Ms. Aisha and students participated in an excellent manner. I was touched by the attitude of them. The lesson "The Two gentle men of Verona" explained about "Endurance" to students. Once again I appreciate and pray for their bright future and QMIS team.

With Regards,

Rosline Hilda.I.
P/O. Dominic Francis Raj
Grade 7 

Through this Open house, the school made us to understand the effort taken by the teachers in making a child attentive in the class. I specially thank Ms.Esther & Ms.Jensi for handling the children with a smile and care , even while teaching. Really this is a great effort taken by QMIS to showcase the parents what the children are doing and how the children are handled in a classroom.

With Regards,

P/O. Riya Sri

Open house was a chance for parents to know how teachers interact with the children during class time Especially Ms.Mekala made the class very interactive. Her teaching was very good with examples and explanations in such a manner that children could easily understand the concept.. Really this arrangement made a good progress in me. Thank you again.

With Regards,

Parent of V.S.Varshitha & V.S.Veera Vinesh
Grade 7A & Grade 3A 

The innovative step (slumber bash )taken by the team QMIS is really an appreciable one and I extend my hearty thanks to the whole team .My ward enjoyed a lot ,moreover he learnt some basic qualities. Even though I taught the same it entered into him only after this Home away home. Once again thanks for such a wonderful idea.

With Regards,

M/o R.Pranavaram
Grade 3

Open House was an opportunity for us to know the teaching at QMIS. The teachers teach in such a way that a child can easily understand the concept. We are so happy and pleasant to join our child in Queen Mira International School. Thank you.

With Regards,

P/O Jeevana Rose
Grade 6

I would like to thank QMIS for providing an opportunity to participate in the classroom session. The session was very helpful to know about classroom activities. It was a wonderful experience for me. The class was really interactive and the warm up activities done in between the class made the kids refreshed. A marvellous introduction about the story was given before reading. This allowed the students to clearly understand the story. Like the kids, I was also much eager what the rain game was. Looking forward for more sessions (Some kind of remote observation) like this.

With Regards,

P/O S.Niranjan And S.Nivedha,

The 3.00 to 4.30 Activity DVD does a good job at brand building by exhibiting the different infrastructure and activities available at QMIS.

With Regards,

P/O. Eshaa Aranggan 

The open house meeting session is appreciable. I observed Miss Kalyani's English class. It was excellent. The way she teaches makes me to admire her. I thank QMIS for giving me a wonderful opportunity.

With Regards,

Ms. Vijayapriya
P/O. Balaji Sai Svetha 

Thank you for the invitation for the open house. Really a wonderful opportunity to watch the talents of the mentors and the students. The ease with which the students move with the teachers depicted the conducive learning environment QMIS provides. Great class room environment promoting interactive learning process and boosting up the enthusiasm in young minds. Great going QMIS.

With Regards,

Geetha karthik
P/O Dheeksha Devi Karthik
KG 1 B. 

I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the education and activities the kids are receiving at QMIS. It's more and beyond what we expected. It future's the future of the kids. I look forward for my daughter's continuing progress. Thank you for all your efforts and those of your staff. My sincere thanks to QMIS Team for their efforts in helping out in grooming the kids and making them a better human being.

With Regards,

P/O S.A.Harini
Grade 2 C. 

First of all I would like to thank and congratulate the Principal and all the teachers and staff for coming up with such an extra ordinary thought of having different activities to the QMIS children during the period 3 to 4.30 pm after whole day studies. This is an amazing idea which helps children build up their abilities in all fields and of course a stress buster. And I have hardly seen any school dedicating one and half hour for activities other than academics.

Ms. Ashrafa had briefed about the activities taking place between 3 to 4.30 pm during my younger daughters admission. Hearing that itself I was happy, but after going through the CD, and knowing about the activities in detail, I am more impressed with the idea and also satisfied for admitting my younger one too. To add to the above, my friend changed her child's school to QMIS for the reason that the school gives importance to the extra curricular activities along with academics.

I wish good luck to the entire QMIS team.

With Regards,

Usha S
P/ O Ananya J
Grade 2 C.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to attend the observation open House for grade 8 A . I was extremely impressed with Ms. SUJATHA’S Science class. Class was very lively, children were happy and active. It was actually an interactive class where students are involved in the class rather than one side teaching. It took me to my school days. Ms. Sujatha ' s teaching is very informative, simple language, and more clear. Students demonstrated with simple experiments which was very impressive. They really loved to try these types of experiments. Mostly all the children are given chance to answer and interact. One to one attention is given by the teacher. Thus is what we parents expect as some students are shy to answer even if they know. We are satisfied and tension free as we believe our children are in safe hands . I sincerely thank the management, principal and all the teachers for this arrangement and encouraging parents to involve in such observations.

With Regards,

P/O. Suhail & Arshad
Grade 2 & Grade 8. 

First of all, thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to attend the open house. I happened to attend Ms. Rohini's, II 'B', English class; I appreciate the effort by the teacher, to make the students understand the concepts in an easier and understandable manner. Though, I have heard of the smart class option, this was the first time that I had a live demonstration of the same. This is one another concept which I liked very much, which I think will be very helpful to the students, as the content is very conceptual with lots of related examples. It was a very nice experience for me. Thank you very much.

With Regards,

P/O. Srinidhi. R
Grade 2 C. 

First of all, I thank the Management to initiate a novel concept of inviting the Parents to witness the way the classes are conducted. I was allotted Class 1-B to observe for the "Open House" session at 1pm on 03Feb15, Tuesday .I was under the impression that when the parents are inside a class when the teaching is going on, the teacher or even the students may feel ill at ease. But, it was not the case. Neither the students nor the Teacher worried about the foreign element sitting inside and disturbing their privacy in learning.

It was a fruitful 40 minutes, where I witnessed the impeccable way of teaching by the crafty Ms.Saranya. She artfully handled the students according to the "Self fulfilling Prophecy" and I was pleasantly surprised by the way 90% of the students responded. The class was mostly interactive and was not monotonous at any point of time.

Once the class got over, Ms.Saranya was magnanimous enough to accompany to the Class 1-A, where my child A Adharsh Mounaswamy is studying.

Ms.Gayathri was handling the class then, I asked both of them about my doubt of the Learnometer Progress Sheet that you provided. My child was Meeting Expectations in most of the cases and Exceeding the Expectations in just one or two. I expressed my worry over that, but both these teachers were prompt in clarifying me that it is according to the International Standards those requirements are based and assured me that my child is very much in contest and advancing well.

I am completely satisfied by the way the School is functioning and I feel good about my decision to admit my child in our School.

Please continue the good work..

With Regards,

Anand Kumar Mounaswamy
P/O Adharsh Mounaswamy A
Grade 1 A. 

I happened to attend open house. I was happy to see the children interacting with the teacher. Ms.Jenifer took the class in a way that made me to think that I was a small one learning. The story time was good. Ms.Anne too was good with the children. If this is the way the children are taught then this is a good system of learning. I was amazed by akalya’s answering to the teacher . Each student was attentive and interactive. Waiting for each child to return before telling a story has to be appreciated.

With Regards,

Karthika B
P/O Santhosh
KG1 C. 

I received a CD from your school on the evening activities. It is really a good one and we come to know the extra curricular activities which are under going in the school. It is a good move to update school activities to the parents. Please keep update these kind of information to us.

With Regards,

P/O. Saumiya
Grade 6 A 

It was really pleasant to know about the 3.00 to 4.30 activities when we saw the CD provided by the school. We are happy that our child is learning every day, through her participation in these activities.

Thank you.

P/O. Jeevana Rose
Grade 6 B. 

Dear Sir/madam, The CD which was given by the management regarding 3.00.p.m to 4.30.p.m activities was lovely. All the activities were covered nicely. I thank the management for giving this CD. Regards, , Parent of.

Thanking you

Mrs. Vijaya Priya
P/O. sai svetha
Grade 6. 

First of all thanks for considering our feed back. We gone through the CD of QMIS and it is nicely compiled with factual details of our QMIS. In one word the presentation is excellent. Everything starts from concise of Principal Mrs.Sujatha, Artistic photograph, meaningful editing, mesmerizing score of background music and nicely choreographed events.

We are very much happy about extra- curricular activities being taught to the students of QMIS in the 3.00 to 4.30 pm activity session. Especially Life Skill development, Think lab which is very much useful to the students to face the life and make it successful. Also it helps them to understand relationships and being a good team player / Leader, which are all essential to the present life environment. We have to express our gratitude to our management for this wonderful initiative.

Thanking you

P/O. Mugil
Grade 5 B. 

We really appreciate you for all your efforts that you have given to train our children in performing the party dance on the annual day. The program was awesome and we enjoyed it. We are very thankful for your care and concern on our kid.


Mrs. Gladju Kingsley
P/O. Andrew Richard
KG 2 A. 

We thank the management for providing our children with good facilities and activities between 3.oo pm to 4.30 pm.


Mrs. Beulah Jaysingh
P/O. Jeyan Jerish and Jabes
Grade 3 & Grade 6.

 First of all a big round of applause for the successful completion of sangamam celebration. It is indeed a fruit of your labour. I take this opportunity to appreciate all the performances done by your students, we could clearly see that they have put in lot of courage and efforts to accomplish this event.

Some of the highlighted performances that we like the most are:

(a) Show hosts (The idea itself for presenting the show as sangamam FM RJ's was different and wonderful, kudos to all 6 kids who had done a rocking performance)

(b) KG children dance, Ramayanam skit (The costumes were colorful and daring, the young kids never gave up their charming smile and continued all through. My hearty wishes to the little ones)

(c) Mahabaratham Skit (Very much touched by Karnan's and Kunti's character, they both portrayed it very well. The Pandavas and Krishnas characters would have done better.)

(d) Fusion dance (The mixture of various songs background was a real treat to both ears and eyes, nice and neat)

(e) Alauddin Skit (Very magical. I liked the genie's role much)

Special appreciation to all these kids, teachers, coordinators, assistance, attenders - the whole teams involved for their incredible input and have made it possible and enjoyable. Lightings and background music score was fantabulous as usual (kudos to Mr.Shanthaprabhu and Ms.Rohini)

Last but not the least....congrats for the Q cafeteria. It looks very classy and out of the Madurai standards....proving once again that it is an international school. This clearly shows that you guys never give up on anything.

Finally, I thank Dr.Chandran, Mr.Abinath and Ms.Sujatha for this grand mega event.


P/O. Sham Samy
Grade 7.

The pongal celebration setting at school was really nice. Nowadays our kids have no chance to see those things. So thankyou very much for introducing those things (especially kayathu kattil) for them.

Thanks and Regards

P/O Samyuktha
Grade 4 A.

Appreciations for the great evening event on 24.01.2015. First of all blessed to hear the inspirational speech delivered by the Great Achievers. Cool start with a warm WELCOME DANCE. The gesture and grace of the kids performing welcome dance gave a great opening to the culturals. Followed by that The RAMAYANA. FLOWER DANCE, SKIT, FAIRY TALE WITH A MORAL "WISDOM WINS" , TAP DANCE , YOGA , CHURCHILL EVENT all are well organised. A special mention about the BGM's and the SOUND QUALITY. Very colorful costumes apt for each show. Tap dance made us to tap too. On top of everything I could see the hard work and dedication of the QMIS team in making this Event a grand success. Thank you QMIS for the Visual Treat.

Thanks and Regards

Geetha Karthik
P/O Dheeksha Karthik

Dear Mr.Abinath , Principal and teachers,
HATS OFF to the tamil teacher for a wonderful presentation of Mahabaratham. It was really a great colorful stage. Once again a HATS OFF to your concrete voice.

Thanks and Regards

Rama Sundarasekaran
P/O Vijay Adith
Grade 7

Respected madam
I was so happy to attend the annual day function. It was excellent and it was done in a planned way. Hats off to the teachers who have put a lot of work in it. I was amazed to see the Pre.K.G kids in drama. Queen Mira students have proved that they can excel in everything.

Thanking you

Karthika balat
P/O. Santhosh

Good day. Wish you happy Tamil new year and pongal.I wish the Pongal celebrations a grand success as the previous years. I appreciate the management, teachers and staff for celebrating this cultural function which is boosting the pride of the soil. This shows the clear vision of the management regarding education and culture. Now a day, educational institutions are confused between education and culture, but once again you are distinct. I thank this management, teachers and staffs for organizing such functions which plants the culture in the minds of the students. As a parent we assure our full co operation and support. Keep it up.

Thanks and Regards

Mr.Muthu Krishnan
P/O Anumukitha & Shanmuga Natraj
Grade 7 & 8.

I'm impressed with the way even a function like housekeeping is treated in order to attain excellence. Maintaining proper Hygiene is very important for any institution and you are rightly paying proper attention to it.

I remember when Warburg Pincus was doing the due diligence with the objective of investing in Shoppers' Stop when I was working there long ago, the team from Warburg inspected the toilets for their cleanliness! And a clean environment is very important for customers. Likewise it is more important for children in a school like ours!

Thanks and Regards

Dr. Gibson G. Vedamani
Advisory Board Member


I am happy that Dheeksha is nowadays taking her lunch properly. Previously she used to be very fussy. I would like to give the credit to the class mentors Ms. Vigneshwari and Ms. Jensi for helping Dheeksha during lunch hour. Thanks a lot. I would also like to mention about the academic sessions at the class , as I learnt from Dheeksha I can say that the class room is very interactive which I feel is great way of learning. Dheeksha speaking about the word "AGENDA" and explaining the meaning of it makes me feel happy. Thank you teachers.

Thanks and Regards

Geetha Karthik
P/O Dheeksha Devi Karthik
KG 1 'B'.

On 27th July, 2014 as I got into the school van it was an absolute surprise to see the Principal of the school to accompany her team of students and teachers to the venue of the Kiddie Fest Competition. It was of much more surprise when I returned from the back stage with the kids to see the Managing Director of the school being delighted to watch his students perform.

I still remember myself saying to someone that "Mr.Abhinath is here" and they replied " Ya, he would be". I mean, it was absolutely unbelievable to see the Managing Director, Principal and the Vice Principal of a school accompanying their team to such venues where in this is not the culture of any other school where not even a co-ordinator goes with the team.

This is what I call as Team Work and Kudos to the whole team of QMIS.

It was such a relief as a parent that my child was in the right hands. This is exactly what any parent would expect - TRUST. Trust, that my child is in safe hands, being guided to the right path and to the right destiny.

QMIS rocks and will rock forever. God bless the concern.

Thank you to one and all.

Mrs.Kalyani Venkatesh.
P/O, Veer Surya
Grade 3. 

Congratulation to your team for the splendid show in Independence Day celebration.

Your children, teachers and the show reminded me the golden times I have spent in Indian Air Force.

Thank you for making me to recollect those good time.

Hats off to you all.

Jai Hind

Mr.Joymuthu Kumar 
P/O, Amar Raj
Grade 8 

First of all, I would like to congratulate one and all of QMIS team for their various achievements in LOSA and kiddie fest. And now, talking about the Independence Day celebration.....It was fantastic. Year by year, it's getting better. We totally welcome the idea of changing the celebration timings to evening, as we were able to relax and enjoy the show with ease and cool climate Though, I enjoyed all the programme, the most touching one was the English skit performed as a tribute to Major Mukund varadharajan. It indeed brought tears on many of us. Personally would like to congratulate the children, as they have portrayed it well and the directorial team behind them.

Also, as usual we thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality. Kudos once again for all your efforts that you are putting up continuously. Success is the fruit of labour. I wish you all tons of good luck. God bless.

Best regards

P/o Samy
Grade 7 A 

CONGRATS! It was an awesome programme for Independence Day Celebration. Well Organized and good result for the hard work of the teachers and talented children. We are proud to say that our children are studying in your prestigious Institution. Thank you very much for inviting us for this function and made our day happy.

P/O. Suhail & Mohammed Arshad
Grade 2 & Grade 8 

 We would like to gladly convey our sincere Thanks for the caring and extended support that the QMIS and the esteemed Principal offer for our child in his activities, behaviors, education, and innovative ideas to bring him to a self-confident zone.

We also like to greet the Management, Staffs, Subject Teachers and especially the Class Teacher Ms. Gayathri who takes utmost care and responsibility in all student-related and parent-related deeds. Kindly convey our regards to the team.

With Thanks,

Mr.Raja & Ms.Uma
P/O, Shudiryura
Grade 2 

I would like to thank tamil amma Ms.Jeyanthi for training my child to learn tamil within six months. We appreciate her excellent teaching methodology.

Thanks and regards,

Mr. Sayeenathan
Grade 4 


We thank the school for having given a wonderful adventurous experience to Amar through this camping at Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Convey our thanks and rewards to your team.

Mrs.Latha Joy
P/O, Amar Raj
Grade 8 


I would like to appreciate the whole team who did an excellent job for the MSSC Interschool competitions. It is not the matter we got prize or not but the hard work never fails. Hope you all got good appreciation for your brilliant props. Keep it up. We parents will support you in all ways. Please don't hesitate to ask any idea or help, I will help you in all means.

P/O. Suhail & Mohammed Arshad
Grade 2 & Grade 8 


Congratulation to the team of teachers and non-teaching staff led by the Principal Mrs.Sujatha Gupthan under the able guidance and monitoring of the Director Abinath Chandran .I am happy to share with you my appreciation on the Successful Sangamam. The list is endless but a few striking things to share with you all.
1. The stage decoration and lighting were very impressive.
2. Screens on either sides of the stage which gave good view for those seated on sides.
3. Costume designers for events like,Egyptian mythology,Alexander the Great,The horse,Tamil Skit,Retro Dance,Finale dance and the seasons dance have done a thorough planning and ground work.
4. Students efforts for this Grand show within a short period of practice was amazing.
5. Direction and screenplay for Tamil skit was the highlight.
6. Cheerful and coordinated performance of boys and girls in Finale dance was excellent.
7. Very clear Compering made the show very lively.
8. National Anthem was presented in a unique way.

-Mrs.Meena Vivek Raj
P/o Pooja Vivek Raj – Grade 8.