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Career Guidance by Mr.Prathap Murugan IAS

Career Guidance by Mr.Prathap Murugan IAS

“Success is not about what you accomplish in life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.”

Mr Prathap Murugan , UPSC state 1st rank holder and All India 21st rank holder did address the children of Queen Mira International School through the ‘Path’ programme organised by the school. Director Mr Abinath Chandran, Principal Ms Sujatha Guptan, teaching faculty and the students of grade X to XII were the audience. He shared his success formula to the children by quoting that’ Leaders cannot be made overnight’. His ardent desire to become an Efficient Nation Builder had taken him to the heights of success. But Mr Prathap tells that qualifying the exam is not the success but to be an efficient administrator all through his service period will be the ultimate success for him.

Mr Prathap very clearly explained the children that the school is the cultural medium that graduates and sculpts the life of a child. He also shared that the children of Queen Mira are fortunate to have such a wonderful infrastructure, efficient faculty and the platform created for them. He also adds that one should utilize all these effectively to bring out the best out of them. When students came up with lot of queries, he did answer to it very patiently. When a question was posed to him on how excited he is to take up his new role? He said it is not the title that fascinates him, but the role he is going to take up as a Nation Builder not only fascinates him but also adds a lot of responsibility to him. He also said that there is no big or small work when it comes to Nation Building. Each and everybody’s role is indispensible.

When a student asked him why he chose to become an IAS and not doctor or engineer, the answer given by him did kindle the spark in many. He said there can be any number of doctors or engineers in a district but there can be only one collector and he wanted to be that one person who will be the change factor in the society. Hearing to this, many children for sure would have taken Mr Prathap as their role model, but they also wanted to know about his role model. Mr Prathap’s answer made the audience awe struck as he said that the questioner is also his role model because he doesn’t have any one person as his role model; instead take all the good qualities from everybody.

After answering all the queries, he did advice the children to use social media judiciously. He also insisted the children on hardwork and consistency that would help them for their life. He concluded his session stating” There is enough for need and nothing enough for the greed”. Children did feel motivated and inspired by Mr Prathap as there were able to connect easily with him and Mr Prathap was humble enough to answer all the clarifications children had.

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