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Camping at Yercaud G8, 9 & 11 - 7th September to 10 September 2017

Camping at Yercaud G8, 9 & 11 - 7th September to 10 September 2017

“Camping – out here it’s all earth and sky, Reconnect with the basics of life"

Students of Grades 8,9 and 11 were given an opportunity to explore the woods of Yercaud for 3 nights and 4 days. The adventure camp was organized in union with Yourekha with 42 students and 7 teachers.

Students were bubbling with energy and excitement and the journey started at 01.15 pm from the school premises and reached the bottom of the hills at about 07.45 pm. The climb uphill was a strenuous one but the children made it lively and enthusiastic. We reached the campsite at 09.15 pm.

The students were sent to their respective tents after a good meal. The next day the students were split into 2 groups. The day started with a morning walk and warm up exercises. The children showed curiosity and eagerness in the activity session. One group visited the bison point, it was a rather challenging journey uphill but the view from the mountain was absolutely astounding. The other group was taken for Rock climbing. The instructors gave a clear understanding of the usage of safety gadgets and made sure everyone climbed. It was truly a breath taking moment for all!

After a delicious lunch the two teams set out for pitching their tents elsewhere in the thick woods. The instructors helped the students to build their own tents and cook a meal with the given materials. Students collected wood for the fire. They sat around the campfire listening to stories and sang songs. Students also helped the teachers in cutting the vegetables and cooking. The much awaited dinner was served. Students rested for the night in their tents.

The following day the teams after lunch went for stream walk. It was a fun filled walk which everyone enjoyed. The gurgling of the waters, stepping on the bed of pebbles, holding each other’s hands, climbing up the little rock ahead of us and bathing under the cascade was an awe inspiring moment for all. It was a moment when all of us connected so strongly with Nature itself.

That evening students were allowed to self reflect on their day’s activities followed by Talent night. At the Talent night students exhibited their vocal, theatrical skills and dance moves. Teachers too performed with enthusiasm. The floor sizzled with the rocking moves and loud music. A campfire was set and students gathered around it and sang songs.The next morning students shared their experience with the instructors and received certificates and badges. They also had fun playing games and cleared the campus of any unwanted stuff left by them. After lunch we climbed down the hills and got into our buses and headed back to Madurai. It was a huge learning experience and a whole lot of memories to carry.

Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better.

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