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Sangamam 2017 – ’18 – An Amalgamation of Arts:Day-1

Sangamam 2017 – ’18 – An Amalgamation of Arts:Day-1

Queen Mira International School celebrated its 7th Annual day celebration on the 22nd and 23rd 2017 with all its uniqueness and grandeur. The two days programme distinctly manifested the zeal and fervor of the team.

SANGAMAM 17 –’18 DAY 1 – 22RD DECEMBER, 2017

The Day 1 of Sangamam’17 staged the performances of the Kindergarteners and Graders 1 & 2. Mr. Ganesh Kumar Ramanathan, National Partner, Microsoft, one of our Advisory Board members was the chief guest of the day. The theme taken for this day was Retro Fashion for the Kindergarten and Save Earth for grades 1 and 2. The event started with a welcome song sung in all three languages- English, Tamil and Hindi by the compeering Team. Following this, the Sangamam Teaser done by the Grade 11 students was played. This paved way for a very good start and also did kindle the curiosity and excitement of the audience. The Principal, Ms Sujatha Guptan did welcome the chief guest and the audience formally. Chairman, Dr.C.Chandran, in his Presidential address did talk about tolerance and the importance of the quality time spent by the parents with their children. Director, Mr Abinath Chandran did share about the Journey of QMIS and did beautifully convey the thought, “Do it with passion, or not all”. The chief guest of the Day did take pride in telling that he was the student of the Chairman, Dr. C.Chandran. He also did talk about the way the Mission and Vision of the school was coined. All the speeches given by the dignitaries did very clearly talk about the journey of the school.

Sangamam- an Amalgamation of Arts was truly a confluence of the talents. Various dance forms like the Ball room dance, twist dance, Disco dance And Rock and Roll was showcased. Going by the theme of Save Earth, grade 1 and 2 did beautifully convey their thought and views on it in the form of skits and dances. There were dances on Pollution, Save Earth, Save Water, Clean India and what not. All the dances were presented gracefully bringing in the ideas and emotions of the theme “Save Earth”. The skits “Ithu Namma Boomi” and “Thirst for Nature”, did make the audience think on the present condition of our planet and also did make them realize their roles and responsibilities in it as human beings. The Compeering team did make the event lively by involving the audience in the show. Our parents did participate with a lot of enthusiasm and expressed their happiness to be a part of this mega event. On the whole this did turn out to be a grand success. Ms Gayathri, Somasundaram, one of the Sangamam Coordinators did propose the vote of thanks.

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