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Sangamam 2017 – ’18 – An Amalgamation of Arts:Day-2

Sangamam 2017 – ’18 – An Amalgamation of Arts:Day-2

Queen Mira International School celebrated its 7th Annual day celebration on the 22nd and 23rd 2017 with all its uniqueness and grandeur. The two days programme distinctly manifested the zeal and fervor of the team.

SANGAMAM 17 –’18 DAY 2 – 23RD DECEMBER, 2017

The day 2 Sangamam staged the performances of graders 3 to 11. Mr Rangaraj Pandey, Chief Editor, Thanthi Tv graced his presence on this day. The program started with a prayer song that sounded divine. The Principal Ms Sujatha Guptan formally welcomed the eminent guest and the audience. The compeering team did make the evening lively and took the audience gathered on their Time Machine.

Mr Rangaraj Pandey had the crowd captivated with his invigorating speech. He did share about his childhood and how he got his passion for writing. He talked about one of the oldest libraries in Srivilliputhur, Pennington Library, the place where he identified his passion. He advised the children by telling that they should not take others as an example for them in life but they themselves should set an example for others. His note of suggestion for parents was that they should exhibit honesty to their children for them to grow with this most important quality. He can rightly be called as the man of thoughts as he had so much to address the gathering. He handed over the most prestigious and most deserved CIS Membership Award to the Chairman Dr. C.Chandran and the Senior Leadership team, Mr Abinath Chandran, Ms Sujatha Guptan and Ms Josephine Anne Sheebha.It was truly a moment of pride for the QMIS’ians. The Star Performers among the students of each grade, teaching and non-teaching members were awarded as the Dazzling Stars of the Year. Grade 11 students were appreciated for the teaser and highly realistic short film which received a huge round of applause.

The programme was an amalgamation of various hues, glittering thunder packed performance of dances, skits, medleys, Real Hero-mime and Robotic dance. The Tamil skit Harichandra left the audience dumbstruck. A special performance was staged by Prajuna, Kings of Dance (Vijay TV) contestant and student of QMIS. The programme culminated with the Vote of thanks proposed by Ms Praveena, one of the Coordinators of Sangamam and the National Anthem.

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