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Coffee Eve with Mr.Sasi Mohan : Awareness on Child Safety : July 30

Coffee Eve with Mr.Sasi Mohan : Awareness on Child Safety : July 30

“Your child is a precious gift from God entrusted to you, to love and care for, not to abuse nor to neglect.”

“Coffee evening” is yet another initiative taken by the QMIS Management to create awareness on Child Safety. Parents of Graders 6 to 12 were invited to attend the session. The session commenced at 04.30 pm on 30.07.17 (Saturday).

The guest speaker of the day was Mr. Sasi Mohan, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Madurai District. He talked about the rights of a child and the importance of training and guiding them. He shared his experiences which made the session a lively one.

He addressed the gathering about the predominance of Child Sex abuse in our country. He also talked to the parents about the need to inculcate good values in children and also the need to spend quality time with them. He insisted on the support to be rendered from the parent’s end.

Ms. Sujatha Guptan addressed the gathering on the importance of Parent ID card and Schooler Mobile App usage. It was thoroughly an informative session and eye opener for all.

“To value and protect the innocence of children is to value and protect society itself.”

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