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Chrysalis Orientation : July 22

Chrysalis Orientation : July 22

“Children must be taught how to think and not what to think.”

QMIS is not only building units and lessons, also building cultures within our classrooms. In addition to the core academic content that is to be mastered by students, the standards also call for an integration of higher level thinking skills. The thinking competencies required by students include critical thinking, reasoning, communication, and collaboration. Curriculum and assessments are focused around these competencies as well. Chrysalis curriculum which has been followed for Grade 4 & 5 provides cognitive and social skills that will prepare them to deal with the complexities in our world. To know more details regarding the curriculum, a session was organised for the parents on 22.07.2017.

Chrysalis Orientation started at 10 pm .Ms.Gayathri, Co-ordinator of Grade 3-5 gave an introduction about Chrysalis followed by the resource person Mr.Balaji, who gave a clear picture about chrysalis to the parents. The main characteristic feature of Chrysalis is to provide opportunities to the students to think beyond their levels. It is a platform for the children to develop their creative minds. In chrysalis, the classrooms are meant to be the Think Room. Mr.Balaji also explained how classroom is different from think room which are as follows:-

  • My studio - Replaces Textbook
  • Companion – Workbook and Worksheet
  • Teachers - Facilitators
  • Brain Friendly Classroom
  • Four Facets of thinking-Look Deep, Look Within, Look Beyond, Look Around

Some exercises in companion were shown to the parents and also explained about how to help their children in completing the work. Buzzle App was also explained. Parents were provided with their ward’s license key and they were very eager to install the app in their mobile. Then Mr. Balaji explained the essential features of the Buzzle App and mentioned that all chapters contain Buzzle Activity. Buzzle App gives provision to the child to learn the concept taught in the think room at home also. Each activity gives rating by which the parent can monitor the child’s performance and also can analyse the area of improvements of the child. Overall, the session was interactive and also helpful to the parents.

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