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“Technology trust is a good thing but control is a better one”

The Global Citizenship Committee of QMIS had organized a Coffee evening session for students and parents on 21 April 2018.

The session focused on a burning issue - “Cyber Safety”. The speaker of the day was Mr. Mahesh, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Head Quarters). This session highlighted the different genres of cyber crime committed and various safeguards to handle such crimes and insulate one carefully and safely. Mr. Mahesh quoted various real life examples of crimes from various walks of life. He further added that these crimes have a greater reach in the present generation of gadgets, connectivity and smart phones. He threw light about how smart widgets are used for hacking the accounts of people. He gave examples of crime happening in smart fridges, hacking drones and the Dark Net.

Mr. Mahesh briefed about the classification of cyber crimes as follows:

  • Crimes against Country
  • Crimes against Organization
  • Crimes against Individual
  • Crimes on Social Media

In the crime against the country he gave light to the audience about the ‘Cyber Terrorism’ and the ‘Currency Crime’ that happens often. Under Crimes against Organization he enlightened the audience about hacking of accounts, malware, containments and ransom ware which are very common. He touched on the important aspects of crime against individuals in which he spoke about guerilla mail, phishing, bombing emails, email spoofing, sending malicious mails etc. He created awareness among the audience on how to handle such situations.

Further in his interaction with the audience he spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of using social media. He also explained how ‘Cyber Stalking’ and ‘Cyber Defamation’ happens. He made it impactful by sharing factual data and statistics. He further added how fake profiles are being created in social media. He also gave a clear picture of how credit card fraud happens and gave suggestions to prevent such instances.

The session was very interactive. Parents and students raised lots of queries to which Mr. Mahesh answered patiently. He expressed that nothing ever goes away when it is posted online. So, he created awareness on how to handle social media carefully. He ended the session by advising parents to be cautious about kids while using social media.

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