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Kamak Dumb School Visit Grade 2 08 Sep 17

Kamak Dumb School Visit Grade 2 08 Sep 17

Grade -2

“Love grows by sharing”

The thought of sharing needs to be inculcated in the young minds. This year the children were taken to see those “Who hear with their eyes”, the God gifted children. Our graders 2 were taken to the YMCA KAMAK Dumb School on 08.09.17. The day started with loads of love and contributions from our School. After reaching the place we divided our children into 5 groups to see the children who are differently blessed. Demo class was given by the faculty about how they listen things. To increase the voice decibel they took some practical classes. Our children stood spell bound on seeing the wonderful performance of those children. They also showcased lip movement observance class. Total day was informative and great. Our little ones came back with hard heart, but with the hope that one can save more for themselves by giving more for others. This trip will surely nail up the mind of the people as an everlasting impression. It will be in every mind that they are truly God’s children

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