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Fire Safety and Disaster Management

Fire Safety and Disaster Management

Tuesday the 11th July 2017 will be an unforgettable day for the students of grades 6-12 and the staff members in a unique way. That is when they were given simulated training on fire safety and disaster management as Safety doesn’t happen by accident. As per the safety operating systems of the international safety manual, periodical safety drills play an important role in inculcating right actions rather than reactions during disasters and emergency situations.

We were honored to have the fire station officers present with us to give us hands on training in fire extinguishing. What’s more! The young kiddos doused off the fire themselves, with extinguishers. The other aspects of the drill included rescuing methods, escape routes and earmarked assembling bay. The safety precautions to be taken during snake bites, floods, earthquakes also did find a mention in this drill.

Live demonstrations of how to put out fire and the way to escape from a tall building made the programme interesting. The mock drill was also conducted from grades pre.kg to 12 in the post lunch session. The team left with satisfaction on having seeded the staff and kids with the life saving procedures, if at all they come across an unexpected occurrence.

"TOMORROW is a reward for being safe today."

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