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First Aid & Safety

First Aid & Safety

“Safety First and Safety Always”

To imbibe this value in the minds of students as well as staff both academics and non academics, a First Aid training workshop was conducted on 03.07.2017. The work shop started by 10 am and went on till 4pm. Mr Siluvai Mani and Jawahar Lal from St. John Ambulance association, a worldwide organization and the sister concern of Red Cross did empower the children on the topic “First Aid”.

Children were demonstrated on “What’s First aid? “Aims of First aid”, Scope of First aid” and “Rules of First aid”. With Manikin the participants had a practical session for External chest compression. Self CPR and usage of products like AED- Artificial external Defibrillation box were also shared.

They demonstrated about incised wound, Lacerated wound, Contused wound and Punctured wound. Danger of wounds and general treatment for wounds were also explained.

Post Lunch session was all about fractures, sprain, Snake bite, rabid dog bite and on rescuing a victim from burns and scalds. Children were given practical experience on making slings for various fractures and also carry a person on emergency.

The session was handy and informative. And the highlight of this training was that the participants were to receive an International level First Aid training certificate that would be of great help to them for the next three years. They will be able to render their first aid service across the globe.

"First Aid saves life. It’s for everyone everywhere."

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