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Independence Day celebration – 14.08.17

Independence Day celebration – 14.08.17

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

The 71st year of Independence was celebrated at Queen Mira International School on 14.08.17 with style and grandeur. Students of Grades 3 and above assembled for the historical celebration.

Ms. Sujatha Gupthan welcomed the gathering. Mr. Abinath Chandran along with Ms. Sujatha Gupthan paid a floral tribute to Sri Aurobindo, Mother Mira and Mrs. Jhansi Chandran. Mr. Abinath Chandran delivered his maiden Presidential Speech. It was truly an invigorating speech.

A stylish crisp, slow march was performed by the student council. It was a moment of pride and a spectacular sight! The office bearers of the Student’s Council took the oath under the governance of Mr. Abinath Chandran. Followed by the slow march was an exquisite March past parade performed by students of Grades 7 to 11. It was a visual treat! Shudir Yura and Krithika captured the hearts of many with their powerful Tamil speeches. The Kiddi Fest prize winners were awarded cups and certificates. Ms. Keerthana , the head girl delivered the vote of thanks. The great occasion of the 71st year of Independence came to an end with the National Anthem.

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