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Road Safety

Road Safety

"Seek, Aim, Follow, Ensure, Teach and Yield Safety.”

At Queen Mira International School prime focus is given for Safety. In observance of the “Road Safety Week” and to provide an experiential learning, 48 students of Grade V and 6 teachers were taken to the Kalavasal Junction on 19.01.18 between 10.30 am and 11.30 am to create awareness on “Road Safety”. Under the proper guidance, instructions and protection of Mr. Saravana Kumar- Karimedu Traffic In charge along with Mr. Sengolan – Sub Inspector Traffic, the students were allowed to create awareness. These students intensely watched the road users and appreciated those who observed the traffic rules and road safety measures with a ‘Smiley badge’. For those who did not adhere to road rules & safety measures, the students educated them on the importance of following them for a safe journey.

Through this activity children exhibited their social responsibility. Students also expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Traffic Police Department for their instrumental role played in regulating traffic and for their prompt guidance and support rendered for this activity. They were overwhelmed with the presence of Mr. Abinath Chandran, Director, Queen Mira International School for creating a ploatform to demonstrate their social responsibility. This activity turned out to be a successful one as students spread awareness to the public. Students returned to the campus with a sense of Pride and accomplishment.

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