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Seed Sowing Activity : July 19

Seed Sowing Activity : July 19

“Education is all a matter of planting seeds.”

“Scientific research suggests that getting up close and personal with dirt can improve children’s mental and physical health”. Whenever we visit a garden we tend to appreciate the beautiful flowers and the well maintained lush green grass there. We hardly spare a thought about the person who toiled so hard to prepare that beautiful garden. A gardener, like most other people in our society, is always ignored and underrated by others but QMIS never forgets to appreciate their work. Mr.Pandy is a gardener of QMIS.

On 19.07.2017 morning, kids from KG-2 met the school gardener. He introduced various garden tools to the children and also explained how to prepare the ground to sow seeds. Teachers also briefed about the importance of growing plants and the indispensable things required growing a healthy plant. They were fascinated how the seeds were tucked into the soil and also started watering their cups.In the evening, KG-2 also had a seed sowing activity. It was activity based learning. Our children loved to be a part of the process. This activity will be continued for the next two weeks. Every day morning, children will water the plant cups. End of the second week, they will carry home their grown plant.

By Gardening, kids can burn off extra energy and control their impulses, develop strong immune systems, and willingly consume more healthy fruits and vegetables. Kids also learnt many lessons from the gardener. Like him, we always need to work hard and learn to exercise our patience and perseverance. Indeed it was a fruitful and joyful experience to all.

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