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Self defence January 31

Self defence January 31

Report on Self defence

The deeper your Self-Love, the greater your protection!!

The session on Self defence for the Graders IX and XI was conducted by Mr Gopi, a passionate consultant psychologist on 31.01.2018. He started the session by explaining the in-depth meaning of one’s emotional strength. He connected himself with the students through many real life examples and by his captivating speech. Developing the attitude of acceptance is the key factor to be emotionally strong.

To build our emotional strength we need to practice four things in our life.

  • Forgive people, if you get hurt.
  • Apologize, if you hurt others.
  • Train your mind to say ‘It’s OK’ in all situations.
  • Accept to learn new things.

He addressed the students on the importance of accepting failures and insisted them to look for positive things in others rather than looking for negative things. And also emphasize that our sub-conscious memory gets trained, the way we instruct it.

We have to look deep within to find our inner strength. ‘Loving ourselves’ and having our goal as ‘be happy’ are the two things that help to build our emotional strength. Students enjoyed the session.

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