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Slumber bash G1 February 17

Slumber bash G1 February 17

“You must be more alive than life.
You must see darkness dance
and hear silence sing.
You must be more awake than light
for we aren’t born sleeping
and we shouldn’t live sleeping."
― Kamand Kojouri

Life is full of unexpected surprises. There are many opportunities when one can secretly wish for something exciting to happen – something out of the ordinary. The real surprise is when the wish unexpectedly comes true. To give a surprise to our little darlings of grade 1 we in QMIS decided to have slumber bash were they will spend a night with their friends and beloved teachers on 17.02.18 rather than staying in school for the routine studies throughout the day. They were very excited and had many queries like what will they do in the school? What game will they play? What dinner will they have? What is campfire? Where will they sleep? For all this the teachers gave them the answers with a smile.

The day started at 05.30 pm where the children came with their backpack to spend the night time. They were received with smile by the respective teacher with a welcome card and welcome drink. As usual slumber bash started with the prayer and outdoor games organized by Mr.Jayapal. After the games they assembled in the courtyard to enjoy a movie along with popcorn to bring in the Movie theatre atmosphere. It was a different way of enjoyment as they watched the movie with their friends. When the movie got over they proceeded towards the cafeteria for dinner. Till than it was a surprise for them what the dinner was. Once they knew that it was chapathi, Paneer Masala and Gobi munchurian they just uttered’ Yummy” After dinner they assembled in the basket ball court for campfire. Once the campfire was lit all started to sing and dance along with the teachers. Now it was time for them for brushing teeth and bedtime prayer. All the night routines were over at all our little ones made their own bed changed into night suite and went to bed and continued sharing their personal experience with their friends and teachers.

Next day morning there was no need to wake them up as it was at. They woke up, brushed teeth saw the sunrise which I feel it must have been the first time. Hot milk was served after a warm up exercise after which they packed up and had breakfast. Slowly the parents started to come just wondering “How My Child Would Have Spent the Night Time without Me”. The answer was clear like day light that their children learnt “How to be independent”

It was the greatest experience for the Cutties ever they had. Waiting for the next Slumber Bash eagerly.

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