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Staff Orientation

Staff Orientation


A workshop that helps teachers to come out with their best was held in QMIS premises on 30th June. The session started in a fine afternoon at 01:30 pm. Ms. Madhuvizhli started interestingly by asking teachers to recollect what was done in the previous day. All the teachers were engrossed themselves in recapitulating the previous day work. Then she asked teachers to write a positive comment about the members in the peer group, which was really an interesting activity.

She helped the teachers to prioritize their work based on urgency and its importancy, and also explained in detail the Urgent vs Important Matrix. A discussion was carried out to understand the Critical Job Responsibility and time spent on that. The concluding session made it clear that negativity can be erased with positive ideas and activities.

She concluded by giving tips to be at one best, balancing our personal and official activities.

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