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Summmer splash : May 2nd to 12th

Summmer splash : May 2nd to 12th

“Summer Splash- getting crazy with your friends, learning with fun, looking cute with that perfect swimming suit and on the whole, making best memories possible.”

QMIS organises Summer Splash every year for 10 days to make the summer holidays memorable and knowledgeable for the children. This year it was organised from May 02, 2018 to May 12, 2018. There were various categories based on their age groups. The various activities were Yoga, Reading Express, Smart talkies, Crafty Hands, Little Chefs and Script your thoughts and so on.

Children who opted for exclusive sport activity, started their day with their favourite sport as it is said,” To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”. After a rigorous work out in the ground, there were given refreshments to make them energised for the next activity.

The next activity was for an hour. Children chose from Yoga, chess or swimming. After which they were given refreshment as the body demands a lot of fluids during the summer season. The next session had option of choosing from Reading Express, Smart talkies and Script your thoughts. The final activities included Crafty hands and Little chef. In Crafty hands children were taught to make interesting craft items from simple things. They did learn to make Piggy Bank, Hand Fan, Decorative wall hanging, pen stand, keychain and so on.

The other activity was little chef where children were made to become professional chefs. They learned to prepare Milk shakes, Cutlet, Sand which, Salads and many more. After learning all this for 10 days, the last day, May 12th was the valediction day where the children exhibited what they have learnt in front of their friends and parents.

The Smart talkies team did take their children to the Radio City and made the children perform in a story telling event. On the whole parents were happy that the children have usefully utilised their time. Children were happy that they had time to learn something apart from the books. And the QMIS Team was happy that they could bring a difference in a child’s life in just 10 days.

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