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SUPER FAMILY -07th October 2017 ​​​

SUPER FAMILY -07th October 2017 ​​​

"Family is a gift that lasts forever,
When family members get together,
The love in the family flows strong and deep,
Leaving back memories to remember and keep. "

It always requires a quality time and effort to strengthen any relationship. We at QMIS gave an opportunity for the KG parents to have fun and enjoy with their family members. The event, Super Family was organized on 7th of October.

The day began with a prayer song as almighty’s blessings are required to make anything successful, be it an event or the family. It is always said that transparency is one key factor for a strong relationship, and that is what QMIS follows. So in order to give our KG parents enough knowledge about what is happening in school, Principal Ms Sujatha Guptan gave a presentation on the teaching methodology and X Seed Pedagogy. Following this did the Super Family events begin.

Events were planned in such a way that both mother and father got a chance to exhibit their talents. Fathers were busily engaged in flameless cooking and dressing up the mothers with bridal makeup. These events gave lots of fun not only for the participants but for the spectators too.

The families were together engaged in palm printing, minor games and edusport games. The work of the parents on the topic Save water Save earth as palm printing was really amazing. We were also spell bound to see the kids peeling off the bananas and feeding their parents. And then pouring the water in to the glass and quenching their thirst. This event was done not only for fun but also to educate the children on keeping the environment clean. Children were instructed to put the banana skin and emptied bottles and cups into the bin. The bin was placed in 2 different colours green and red to dispose the waste as biodegradable and non-biodegradable.

The edusport event and the other minor games did take back the parents to their child hood days. And the unity of the family was evident in such games.

The event came to an end with the announcement of the winners of the event. As it is rightly said, memories are timeless treasures of the heart; the participants had a wonderful opportunity of taking a selfie in the Super Family photo frame.

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