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Super Family - G1 & G2 - 20.01.2018

Super Family - G1 & G2 - 20.01.2018

Report on Super Family

The true strength of our country is the value we give to family bonding. Caring is the catalyst that boosts the bonding. Though in recent times we find ourselves a little disentangled with our family thanks to the advent of smart phones and idiot boxes. Our chase for currency fuels the disorientation with our beloved children. Seldom we remember playing with our children in their own world of imaginations.

We at QMIS celebrate Super Family, every year to bring the parents and even grand parents of our wards in the same deck with their little ones. What happens then is raw and pure rejoicing.The parents revisit their childhood days with their children itself as their playfellows.

This year parents of students Grades 1 and 2 were invited to rejoice with their loved ones on 20 January 2018. Parents were grouped with their wards in drawing pictures in grain. The child's most desired pass time is to listen stories from its mother's mouth. This was made into an activity on that eventful day. Then for some sports.. The families were taken to our sports complex and they reveled.

The outcome of the event was truly amusing. One could read from the looks of the kids' faces that they had planned to denounce their celebrated cyber games and superheros and instead embrace their real heroes ie., their parents.

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