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Talent Night Show_Grade 8 - Grade 12​​​

Talent Night Show_Grade 8 - Grade 12

Talent can't be taught but it can be awakened

To bring out the hidden talents of the children, the management of QMIS conducted an event 'Talent Night'. This event was completely organized by the student council with the help of the in charge teachers, Mr. Bharath , Mr. Aravind and Ms. Shajitha . 29 participants did take part in the event. The judges of the event were Mr. Jayapal and Ms. Jenifer Manikandan. The program was started with a prayer song. Among the 29 participants there were many dancers and singers. We had 1 mono act which was presented by Sarvesh of grade 8 . It was very comical and all the spectators enjoyed it. Apart from dancing and singing there were students who exhibited their talents in yoga, cube, and speech. At last the judges were called up to the dais and were made to dance. Along with the students both parents and teachers enjoyed the event. As a closure event the judges announced the 4 best talents of the night which was performed by Sri ram of grade XII, Pooja for grade VIII, Krithika of grade VIII and Shaman of grade X. Among these 4 the title “Talent of the day” was given to shamna Oliver of grade 10. This event not only served as a platform for the participants but also for the student Council as their efficient organizing skill was displayed.

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