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Talent Night January 19

Talent Night January 19

Report on Talent night

Talents can't be taught but it can be awakened.

To awaken such hidden talents of the students the QMIS management gives them a platform called the ' Talent Night '. This event was completely organized by the student council with the help of the in charge teacher Mr Karthik and other P. E staffs. This time the spectators witnessed the talents exhibited by the students of grade 4 and 5. The judges of the event were Ms. Gayathri and Ms. Shajitha. There were many dancers , singers, musicians and also good orators. Even though children had some difficulty in their performances, they all were encouraged well by the audience which made them try till the end. Surprisingly a girl who learned to play veena for just 3 months presented a melodious music with it. The event was made very interactive and lively by the anchor of the event Mr. Jayapal and other P.E staffs. They made the event very interactive by encouraging the parents and teachers to sing and dance and also made it lively with their humorous talks. Students of grade 9 gave a special silambam performance along with Adhiyan, who was the youngest among all the other boys in the group. Towards the end of the event all the P.E staffs performed a very funny act which made all the spectators return home with a smile on their face . The management was once again happy with the organization of the event by the student council.

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