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Talent Night Report Grade 6 & 7

Talent Night Report Grade 6 & 7

Everyone is gifted with some talents, but most people don't open their package just because they don't get a good platform to exhibit it.

To make the students exhibit their talents, QMIS management gives them a platform called the "Talent night". This event was completely organized by the student council with the help of the incharge teachers  Mr Bharath and Mr Aravind.

This time the septators witnessed the talents performed by students of grade 6 and 7. The judges of the event were Ms Anita and Ms Shandini. There were many dancers and singers and some students performed group dances.  There were also few good orators. Even though the children had some difficulties in their performance they did not give up till the end. The event was made lively by the anchors and especially by Mr Jeyapal who ensured the liveliness of the event through his humorous talks and activities. He not only encouraged the students to show their talents but also the parents and teachers. He called upon Darshana bose's mother and Ms Shajitha to the dice and all the three performed a funny dance. Towards the end few parents gave their feedbacks about the event. At last the judges were called to the stage and even they were made to dance. Everyone enjoyed the night a lot . The management was once again happy with the organization of the event by the student council. 

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