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Teacher's Day Celebration - September 05 2017

Teacher's Day Celebration - September 05 2017

“A good teacher can inspire, hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love for learning”

QMIS celebrates the teacher’s day in a grand scale. Students made this day a memorable one. The great day started with the warm welcome in the reception for all the teachers, followed by the assembly session. Children invited all the members of the QMIS family to celebrate the teacher’s day in ostentatious way.

The day of memories started with the cheerful welcome of the teachers to the dais with lovely gifts and playback music. Students conducted competitions like bun eating, Maathiyosi which was truly bliss for the audience .Later it was the main cultural event. Children were entertaining the gathering with their enthralling performances. The courtyard was full of enthusiasm. The cheer by the students made teachers feel young and involved them with mono acting, dancing, singing and stand-up comedy performances. The teachers also expressed their gratitude for their teachers.

This Teacher’s Day was all the more special as the Director Mr Abinath Chandran was a part of each and every celebration that happened. He released the surprise streamer that was carrying Happy Teachers Day with exquisite messages. Finally Students conducted throw ball and volley ball match for the teachers which made them feel that they are still young and energetic. Children of QMIS made the teachers to re-live their old days and made the day a most etched on the mind.

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