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Vaigai Dam Visit - Grades 6,7 & 8 on 14.10.2017​​​

Vaigai Dam Visit - Grades 6,7 & 8 on 14.10.2017

The dawn of the day was joyful and anxious for the graders of 6, 7 and 8 as it was the day of visit to Vaigai dam, 50kms away from Madurai. The trip was organized as a part of CIS activity.

Children were so enthusiastic and made the trip lively with their pat of the feet dancing to the tunes. The children were blessed with good weather when they strolled through the dam. It was a good experience to see the water reservoirs, tunnels and know about the source of water for Madurai. They also learnt about the importance of water conservation, the process of producing hydro electric power.

Children were not only enriched with information but also enjoyed the beauty of the dam . They had loads of fun in the children’s park. The park had enormous resources of swings and slides. Little drizzle added to the fun and enjoyment in the park. It was really hard to bid good bye to the wonderful park and dam. Children carried loads of sweet memories and bunch of informations to be shared to the dear ones.

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