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Vijayadasami Celebration September 30th 2017 ​​​

Vijayadasami Celebration September 30th 2017 ​​​

Vibrant sunshine and fresh air rendered an auspicious and energetic start. Vijayadasmi is a kick start to all activities in the Gods name. QMIS firmly believes in the omnipresent divine which supports hard work and facilitates success. The function started with a Kalash Pooja performed by a pandit. Children and Parents along with teachers added the flowers on kalasam after duly invoking the gods with recital of slokas.

This was followed with a chant of Aaditya Hridayam sloka by Dhruv of UKG. The main event then started with the vidyaramba pooja in which, students write the beginning letters on paddy which is spread on a plane. It is a symbolic representation of introducing the child to the world of knowledge.Many children with their parents did this Aksharabyaaam. They wrote the mantra”Saraswathi Namaha” on paddy. Prasadam was distributed after the pooja.

Cultural events followed the pooja. Our students Sai Vimala and Sai Naga Abiramy rendered a delightful vocal performance. They sang devotional songs invoking Lord Muruga and then ‘Kalaivani in Karunai ’ invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswathi, the deity of knowledge. Icing on the cake for Sai Vimala was when she followed the vocal performance with a Bharatnatyam dance, where she performed a special dance “Parashakthi”. The entire audience was held spell bound with various facial expressions given by Sai Vimala on goddess parashakthi.

The day was wonderful and ended on a positive note wherein the entire team felt vibrations resonating from the Gods.

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