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Family visit-KG - 19.01.2018

Family visit-KG - 19.01.2018

“What can you to do promote world peace? Go home and love your family” -Mother Teresa

Learning is a fun and even more fun when it comes with a boon of field trip. Family visit was organized by kg department on 19.1.18 (Friday) to understand the concept “Unity togetherness” in Join family and nuclear family.Our children were taken to their own classmates house .They exhibited their gesture in an appreciated way and enjoyed the hospitality and Children were given an opportunity to explore themselves by following their etiquette in a new environment. Efforts of parents have to be appreciated in receiving the children with pride.

A Pleasant welcome and a cute smile of the host were the brands we relished and in return children had gifted their handmade cards and bouquet to the families.

Introduction about the family and interaction with the family members , children had euiped themselves by asking question.

Gift’s were contributed from the family end and children had happily received it. Undoubtedly this experience will ever remain fresh in their memories ever more.

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything”-Michael J.Fox

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