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Grand Parents Day February 16

Grand Parents Day February 16

“A Grand parent is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend.”

Our QMIS family has invited the senior citizens of our little nestlings in order to display the prominence of ‘’Grand parents day.’’ The heavenly day has begun with all positive vibes by our technical team, who contributed a major part of the event. Sweet sixties songs were played for the chief guests to revive their pleasant memories.KG Teachers were prettified the door with colourful hearts with the picture of our glistening cherubs.

Courtyard was embellished by the house keeping team who did a important role of the day. Ms.Uma and Ms.Jenifer along with our adorable kiddy winks were welcoming the stars of the event with their alluring smile and whole hearted balmy words.

They cordially presented the cuddle hearts shaped ajenda card with the roses to indicate the ‘Heart’ theme of the day. The occurrence has started around 10am with the graceful song by QMIS chirping birds. Our dancing dolls gave a ravishing retro walk which was adored to the core. Our amiable comperer Ms.Lakshmi Aishwarya brought a new dimension for sociability through her quirky comments. Grand parents mirrored their special talents by reciting moral stories,blissful songs, innovative game and enact a play. They were not only unveiled their individuality but challenging the youngsters with their futuristic ideas. Our housekeeping team provided tea and biscuits for the chief guests in a congenial way. Grand parents were split up them selves based on the section for the next session kite making.

Grand parents were accompanied by their grand children to make kites enthusiastically. All the kids with their Grand parents were gathered in the ground with their kites. They perkily participated and the event indicates that the two generations held their hands to look up the zenith to create a luminous future. The fun activity part was handled by our proficient PE team with parachute and balls where Grand parents turned them selves as kiddywinks and amused to the core.

Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms.Vaishnavi to show the gratitude as a wrapping present. The feedback board was filled with their positive comments like their tremendous love and care. The event has ended up blissfully with the abundance divinity and positivity.

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