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Slumber Bash - KG II - 16 September 17

Slumber Bash - KG II - 16 September 17

Ever heard of Moana, the cute girl who wanted to explore the world of sea? She broke free from the pampering of her parents and wanted to find what’s out there. We have seen in many great persons’ life, these kind of out of home explorations that have gained them wisdom which moulded their philosophy.

Well, our slumber bash parties are a small step towards that kind of experiences. We want the kids to think and act independently. One such party was held for kids of KG2 on the 16th of September.

The kids were de-bonded from parental care and were allowed to act independently. The theme for the party was taken in such a way that the children were reminded of Moana, the Sea Explorer. Right from munching the morsels of food to tapping their feet around the bonfire lit, right from watching the movies with popcorns to hitting their own sleeping bags, the kids enjoyed this unique experience to the core.

The completely rejuvenated kids ran to their parents when they saw them the next morning, hoping to plunge themselves in this unique experience again sooner sometime.

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