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Audio Jockey Orientation


With this quote our club initiated various activities for children aiming inenriching their linguistic skills.

Audio Jockey activity for graders 5-8 was conducted as part of the Erudite Club activity during the month of July. Students expressed great interest in learning this activity. They were explained about this activity and various methods of performing the task. The tone, intonation and relevance of the topic were explained to them.

They performed the activity by taking turns to play the imaginary role of an audio jockey at QMIS FM. They performed this role with zeal and enthusiasm and expressed a desire to do more.

Score sheets were made using different criteria and they were judged on that basis. Avenues for improvement were discussed with the children. Feedback of children was also recorded. This session helped enrich their extempore speaking skills and helped them shed their inhibition and made them come out of their shells by speaking in front of their classmates