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Learning an Old Handicraft - October 23

Learning an Old Handicraft

Heritage Education is not merely recreation for students but is an important part of their learning process. It will help them understand history and society and will inculcate values with respect to diversity and tolerance. While it is important to highlight aspects of national heritage, it is also important to bring local heritages into the preview of heritage education programmes. Very limited resources are required for the most basic heritage education programmes. More involved programmes require some investment. But most heritage activities, like heritage walks and heritage clubs, require little capital investment but can go a long way in helping the child experience culture and heritage and bring alive many of the things she reads in her history textbook.

Our heritage club conducted an activity for the graders of 4 to 8 on learning a handicraft (Thoranam making with mango leaves and Poo Thoduthal and garland making with paneer rose). The demonstration was done by the heritage club in charges, outsource professional garland maker and art & craft teacher. Students actively took part and they showed their interest in such a way that they started trying by themselves during their learning.

In addition students visited Weavers, Potters and handicrafts professional and spent a day with them during their Autumn break and learnt some skills from them. Sample work of the students’ handicrafts has been exhibited in the school for other graders’ observation.

All the students shared their experience with the teachers and friends in school; it was a fun loving activity which made them to think more about Handicrafts.