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Monument Cleaning - October 23

Monuments shows us our Beauty of Architecture

Club Activity is an integral part at QMIS learning. Heritage Club in- charges Ms. Archanaa Karthikeyan and Ms. Nandhini took an initiative of cleaning the monument as a part of their Heritage Club Activity for the month of July.

Around 140 Students and 8 Teachers were taken to the ancient building of Gandhi museum on 10th of July 2018. With the proper guidance of the museum in-charge, children were split into five groups and were assigned with the task of cleaning. Grades VI & VII cleaned the campus and the gates at the entrance whereas Grade VIII were enthralled to clean the library’s store room and the museum.

The zeal and the involvement of the children were amazing and the place was gleaming at the end of two hours. They also enjoyed their lunch and returned school hoping to come back for such activity once again. Children were amazed at the glory of Gandhi Museum and understood the need for preserving ancient monuments. The learning of the children was the success of the Heritage club.