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Science Lab Session

Science Club Report

As a part of science club Grade 3 to 9 have their Next Education-science lab session from 3pm to 4pm.We have completed 2 activities for each grade from 3 to 9 out of 10 activities.Students learnt science concept through these fun activities.It was easy to understand the basic concept with Reflection sheet which is provided in their observation book.The observation book with real life example made the session interactive. Students were very much eager to do activities. The lists of activities are given below. Grade 3 1. Internal Organs 2. Family tree Grade 4 1. Model of Teeth 2. Digestive system Grade 5 1.Skeleton 2. Power car Grade 6 1. Yarn spindle 2. Nutrients and balanced diet Grade 7 1. Stethoscope 2. Lung model Grade 8 1. Pump 2.Pressure in liquids Grade 9 1. Energy meter 2. Separation methods.