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Blood Donation Camp June 23

Report on Blood Donation Camp

The Health and Safety Committee of QMIS, in up keeping its social responsibility; is consistently motivating the parents and its own staff, in donating blood, by organising camps once in a year. It also educates the students about the benefit of blood donation to facilitate them to voluntarily with copious mind, donate blood from the right age of 18 years.

On 23.06.2018, one such blood donation camp was conducted at our school premises. A qualified team of practitioners from Government Rajaji hospital were present to medically test and extract the donor's blood with proper facilities.

HThe organisers were in for a surprise by the massive response they received from the parents and the staff members. Fifty units of blood were donated. The event wound-up with the satisfaction from all the participants, that their small effort would eventually infuse fresh lease of life in as many as 150 patients. We hope to receive a better response and cooperation in the camps that would follow.

"Donate blood!! Save life!!"

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