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Field Trip Grade 5 to 9 & 11 July 21

Report on Field Trip

How to create awareness amongst the present generation to care for environment and forests?

Well, make them mingle with the pristine nature itself. Only when do they experience the raw nature, they will know the importance of it and the pain we are undergoing in sacrificing the green nature in the name of urbanization. We at QMIS have resolved to take our students, the future pilots of the society, on a nature trail, on a periodical manner. This would enable them to date with various species and elements of nature, for them to understand the wilderness better.

On 21stJune 2018, the students of Grades 3 to 9 & 11 were taken to one such expedition of nature study to a private farm located in Devadhanapatti near Theni. Punctuality is the mantra of QMIS and the tour started 6.30 am dot as planned. It was an enchanting sight, to see the children getting pretty excited seeing their teachers let go their veil of strictness and throw the blanket of friendliness. The students got the signals right and the decibel of their revelry were at the upper limit. This was strictly limited to the time of travel in the air conditioned coaches.

When they hit the ground at farms, the students' brigade showed such a hush so as not to disturb the wilderness. Be it walking at the muddy single path, or a stroll in knee deep stream, they grasped the nature in its pristine form. They experienced what is the power of silence and how enticing it is to be in silence. After lots of sweat flowing out of the pores, after lots of under worked muscles stretched to its fullest, after their lungs expanded to its fullest capacity with the purest oxygen, the participants were replenished with raw energy, yet tired. Lunch and snacks were had like a community food program, where food was exchanged and did the brotherhood and friendship. This rendezvous with the nature was an instant hit amongst the students and teachers and they thanked the Management of QMIS for organizing such a fantastic field trip for them.

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