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No bag day G1 & G2 June 30

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think.”

We at QMIS always believe in experiential learning and fun -way of learning. We focus on making our children continuous learners. Therefore “No Bag Day” for graders 1 and 2 was organized on 30 th June, 2018. This session did last for two and a half hours, but the amount of enjoyment and learning was more.

A structured action plan was framed for the children. ‘Build Vocabulary’ , ‘ Me too cook’ and ‘Edusports ‘ were the activities planned.

Children were excited to come to school as they need not carry their school bags that day. And they were all the more curious to know what they would be doing that day. As the activities for the day started, children became enthusiastic to learn all that was taught to them. Children loved the cooking session as they had a recipe with them that day to take it to their mothers. They even shared that they would prepare the same to their parents.

‘Build Vocabulary’ was not the usual reading that children do in the class. They were introduced to new words through various activities. Children enjoyed the classes and started using those words in their conversation. ‘Edusports ‘, what else would the children expect for? Play, eat and learn. That was our ‘No Bag Day’.

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