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Ramzan celebration June 14

Ramzan Report

Secularism is not only in our state but also at QMIS. QMIS is always known for its festivals and celebrations. In the same way this year we started our Ramzan celebration on 14 th June 2018 at our premises in a grand manner.

To inculcate such values of Islam and Fasting we invited a motivating speaker, Dr. Mohammed Iliyas who is the HOD of Wakf Board College for Arabic Literature. He started the session stating “ Assalamu alaikum” and meaning of the same in tamil, Which attracted everybody’s attention towards him.

He gave a wonderful speech by quoting many thirukkurals from Uzhaga pothumarai and interlinking the same with Islamic beliefs. The children sat spellbound listening to the speech for nearly one hour without any distractions. This was really awesome indeed. His speech also attracted the staff.

The session was followed by distribution of “Nombu Kanji” for the children as well as the staff. Every body relished it with great learning of Islam and Fasting.

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