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KG Farm Visit

KG Farm Visit

Farm is a great place to visit any time of the year because they provide our students with an experience to see how the crops are growing, how it is harvested and how farmers are working hard in the field. And it is a great hands-on experience that no literature book can provide!

Once upon a time agriculture was our pride but, now a day’s farms are very rare to see and farming has also become a difficult job to do. In this present scenario we are forced to educate our children on the importance of agriculture.

Children of QMIS were taken to a farm to see some farm animals like goat, sheep, cow & bull. They also saw plants like ladies finger, cow peas, pumpkin, sesame and paddy. They also had an opportunity to see how the farmers were harvesting the crops.

The children understood the importance of agriculture, food crops and the hardship of the farmers. All this made them to realize that wasting food was not right. They promised their teachers that they would not waste food and also not allow other to waste food.

On the whole children had a wonderful time at the farm looking at the crops, farm animals and the experiencing the natural breeze.

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