Advisory Board


Dr. Gibson G. Vedamani
Member Advisory Board
CEO, Sharon Wayne, Mumbai
Founding CEO & Advisory Board Member,
Retailers Association of India, Mumbai.

A school of truly international standards, Queen Mira International School (QMIS) is fast emerging as a centre of experimental learning for students. I recently came across the school’s continuous training initiative to equip its teachers on the application of Dr.Howard Gardner’s researched ‘Multiple intelligence’ in pedagogy and I was amazed at the way teachers excelled in their coaching and delivery skills. Developing the overall personality of each student is a key goal at QMIS and that’s the way to go!

I wish QMIS success in its lofty endeavors to achieve the vision of equipping and ‘educating the leaders of tomorrow who will change the way the world lives, learns and works’!


IAS Balamurugan
Member Advisory Board
Co-Founder & Director,
Metis Multi Family Office Services Pvt Limited
Tamilnadu, India.

The true purpose of education at Queen Mira International School(QMIS) transcends an empty mind into an open one that becomes ever inquisitive.

Having imbibed global best practices, the institution has all the prerequisites to uplift the new generation to acquire distinct capabilities, to differentiate and distinguish the key assets of information, knowledge and understanding and eventually attain the much needed wisdom.

I wish the young stars at QMIS a pleasant journey that shall take them places in the future!


Mr. Ganeshkumar Ramanathan
Member Advisory Board
Manager, National Partner
Microsoft, Bengaluru

A child’s all round development and joyful childhood is the focus and this is what sets Queen Mira International School (QMIS) apart in the growing mileu of international schools.

I wish QMIS success in all their earnest efforts in helping the budding leaders of tomorrow realize their full potential.


Ms. Kalaivani Balaji
Member Advisory Board
Queen Mira International School
Aravindar Nagar, Melakkal Road
Madurai – 625016
Tamilnadu, India

Education is the process of lighting a mind and not just transmitting information to children. Technology is at the tip of fingers to load them with information but that does not differentiate. The essentials of a true mentor is to kindle, assist and guide children to enhance their knowledge, skills & morale and help them mature as an individual. While change is permanent and rapid, an area which remains unchanged is the true learning for our life. The team at Queen Mira International School always goes more and beyond to redefine schooling and helps children enlighten.