Current Awareness Session (CAS)


Digital safety – CAS session was conducted for graders 3 to 6 by Mr. Raja & Ms. Suganthi to create awareness on the safe & secure usage of internet. Especially briefing about the social networks like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc was given.

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In this session, the topic “Presidential Elections in India” was discussed in the classroom. Students actively participated and interacted with the teachers. We discussed about how the President of India is elected in India and the electoral procedures.

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The students engaged very well during the discussions conducted during the presentation as well as raised a lot of related questions, which enhanced the overall learning process. Students of Grade 6A and 7A were introduced to the concept of Organic Farming through the CAS Presentation conducted 05.10.17. The students connected very well to the topic as they already had some previous knowledge about what organic farming.

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Students of Grade 5 A, B and 7A, B, 8 A were introduced to the concept of Demonetisation through the CAS Presentation scheduled on 2nd, 14th and 21st of August 2017. The students connected well to the topic as they already had some previous knowledge about Demonetisation. They understood what currency is, what kinds of currency are available in our country and the history behind demonetisation.

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Demonetisation Grade 6 to 8

Demonetisation of Rs.1000/- and Rs. 500/- currency gave rise to a lot of speculation in the economy. A Current Awareness Session for Graders 6 to 8 was conducted on demonetisation to create awareness among children on the need for demonetising the higher value currencies and also the necessity in taking up such a crucial step by the government.

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As a part of Current Awareness Session, Ms Christinal and Ms Sandhya presented a power point presentation on history of American war of independence to the students of grade 3 to 8.

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As part of Current Awareness session, an exposure on the topic “Act, Bill, Ordinance and Law” was initiated from the teacher’s end.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Ms. Mahalakshmi conducted a current awareness session on the topic Stem Cell therapy for Grades 3 to 5. The Session started by giving few pictures for identification. Students were able to understand the importance and advantage of Stem cell therapy. Introduction was given on the important human parts like brain, liver, heart and kidney which are made up of trillions of cells. Carnea transplant which is the first successful human Carnial transplant in UK at April 2005 was also shared.

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Background of Bottled Beverages

The Current Awareness session on “Background of Bottled Beverages” was conducted by Ms Nabanita and Ms Akhilamba. This provided an opportunity to the students to understand the bad effects of bottled beverages like mineral water, soft drinks, juices, energy drinks etc.

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A Glimpse of Tamilnadu Assembly Election:

The difference between the democracy and the monarchy form of government were discussed as introduction. The process of election and the constituencies of Tamilnadu were taught to the students. Through this Students became aware of Tamilnadu political parties and the founders, History of Tamilnadu elections. How elections are conducted, leaders are selected ,results are announced were also discussed with the students. The importance of casting a vote in a Democratic country was also discussed. Children got the knowledge about elections.

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Foreign Currency and Exchange

To seed the importance of increasing the value of Indian currency, a CAS on “Foreign Currency and Exchange” was presented. Students were explained about why the value of money differs from one country to other country? Determinants of Foreign currency, and the reasons for the Appreciation or Depreciation in the values of Indian currency were compared with the other developed countries.

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Increasing Natural Disaster in India

Current Awareness Session was conducted for graders 3 to 8 from Jan ’12 to Jan’15 on the topic “Increasing Natural Disasters in India” .Students were introduced to the term disaster, different types of disaster and the general effects of any disaster on an economy. A brief explanation was given supported by Audio Visual about the different disasters that India had faced in the recent past like Chennai Flood, Uttarakhand Flash Flood , Gujarat Earthquake, Indian Ocean Tsunami etc., and its consequences on our country. A discussion was carried out regarding how we can save our self from these disasters, our responsibility towards the society during crisis time.

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Economic Growth and Inflation

Current awareness session is a platform where topics that are important and complicated are taken to children in a very simple way. This gives them an overall exposure. The session on “Economic growth and inflation” was initiated with a brain storming session. Children were asked to list down any 10 goods produced in India and its total value.

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we at QMIS wish to create the sense of saving money and better way of handling money to our children. It’s not too early to train our students to handle their parents’ hard earned money in a right way. The main objective of the CAS was to create awareness about the different terms used in Banking like deposit, withdrawal, transaction and account balance.

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Indian Legislature

QMIS takes utmost care in shaping up the future leaders. The current awareness session is one tool that helps in educating the children on the current issues.

As leaders of QMIS, it is necessary for them to know about the leaders of the Country and their functions at present! Thus they had the CAS session on “Indian Legislature”. The children were educated on the key functional elements of our Government, the houses with their performances and protocols followed to lead the country.

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Aging - Can that be postponed ?

As a part of the Current Awareness Session, the faculty – Ms.Suganthi Gopi and Ms.Aysha Siddika presented on the most attention-grabbing topic “Ageing – Can that Be Postponed???” The students were very much fervent and keen to know if really there was some phenomenon that would postpone ageing. This made the children to listen to the presentation with paramount attentiveness.

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Money and Banking

We all use money and most of us use banks. Despite this, the actual working of the banking system is a bit of a mystery to most (especially fractional reserve banking). This older tutorial starts from a basic society looking to do more than barter and incrementally builds to a modern society with fraction reserve banking. Through this process, with the aim of hopefully gaining a deep understanding of how money and banking works in our modern world among the students of Grades 3 to 8, Queen Mira International School organized a Current Affairs Session from 13 .07.2015 to 23.07.2015 at their respective classes.

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Child Labour

It is not just books that deliver knowledge all times but knowledge can be gained through media, news, and various other sources. One such important source is the QMIS teacher’s bank. The Current Awareness Session in QMIS is an alluring and brain storming session. As the name speaks for it, the children get to educate themselves with many current affairs and facts.

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Tamil Nadu Constituency

The importance of general knowledge and current affairs reaches out to far beyond books and exams. A good knowledge on this would definitely help us in all walks of life. A Current awareness session was conducted for grades 3 to 8 under the topic “Tamil Nadu Constituency” by Ms.Selvi Balasubramanian and Ms.Gayathri Somsundaram on 1st and 2nd Week of July-2015.

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Co active sessions in our campus have been the extended hand of knowledge and information provided to the students. This time the topic was “The top 3 C.E.O’ s success stories”. Some familiar names like Steve Jobs – The founder of Apple Inc., Bill Gates – The founder of Microsoft and Ratan Tata – The chairperson of Tata groups of Industires were heard and read in books very often as the most successful entrepreneur in the world. This session had brought forward the hardships and failures faced by these great men in their lives to possess the glory. It was a learning for the children that “Failures must not be recognized as one’s incapabilities but should be the stepping stones to success”.

Think - What you eat is right for the Indian Climate?

This Co-activity session was a power point presentation designed to bring awareness to the children about choosing the right food for the climate. The learners were given a gist of the different Indian climatic conditions and the different cultures which stands the main reason behind the Variety of food cultures in the country. They were able to relate the necessity of change in their diet according to the city they live in. The children across different levels of Grades were able to understand the ideal food for different climatic conditions.