Dr.Chandran - Chairman, Guruji Educational Trust

Dr.Chandran the chairman of Guruji Educational Trust is one of the pioneers in the field of education and he also serves as the Head of the Department of Management Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University.

He has a doctorate in the area of Marketing Management. He has a rich research experience and published articles in various prestigious journals including Indian Journal of Marketing, Indian Coconut Journal etc. In his academic career spanning over 30 years he has guided more than two dozens scholars and mentored many students to excel in their professional careers. He also serves as a visiting professor and is well known Management Consultant in the industry circles down south.

With a vision of training young minds to develop and cultivate the skills of utilizing the possessed knowledge meaningfully and effectively towards the betterment of self and society, he established the Guruji educational trust in the year 1996. This trust has deeply rooted and now it shelters a wide range of people with its three branches Sri Aurobindo Mira Matriculation and Higher Secondary School, Sri Aurobindo Mira College of Education, and the newly blossomed Queen Mira International School.

Dr. Chandran an epitome of generosity, made his success against all odds. His simple formula for success is his diligence and determination.

Late Mrs. Jansi Rani Chandran - Vice- Chairman, Guruji Educational Trust

Ms.Jansi Rani Chandran is a pious person and the backbone of our entire family of Guruji Trust. She is a woman of dedication, love and affection. She has a passion to build a society of confident and skillful citizens and ardently believes that can be attained only by well disciplined young minds. Her empathy and personalized attention towards every employee plays a vital role in building an "at home" atmosphere in the working place and strengthens the bond of the team.

Abinath Chandran - Joint Director , Guruji Educational Trust

When everybody works for their life, to him his life is fabricated by work. He is a person with a passion towards his dream project. He is also an ardent believer of team work with a vision beyond centuries.

Abinath Chandran holds an MBA from the Department of Management Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University and BE in Computer Science from Anna University. He has more than 3 years of experience in managing academic institutions successfully. He is the Joint director of Guruji Educational Trust and the Managing Director of Queen Mira International School. A young and dynamic person with a vision of building leaders of tomorrow, who will change the way the world lives, learns and works. To reach his vision, he took the idea of setting up an international school in the year 2009 and succeeded in 2010. He ardently believes that the success is the end product of passion and smart work.