"Peace with patience is the real way to success."
-Sri Aurobindo


"Do not think of what you have been,think only of what you want to be and you are sure to progress."
- Mother

Sri Aurobindo the seer of the Age and Mother Mira have given a new philosophy of life, a new turning for the thinking mind. They insist that education should not stop with mental acquisition and equipment. It should include not only vital and physical education but also Psychic education. Psychic education removes the darkness of the soul that breaks the seal of ignorance that helps man to walk on the earth like a God

To Sri Aurobindo, true education should be provided to the learner through the three weapons:

  • The Power of observation, discrimination and concentration
  • Strength comes to the nation by education. True education is that which awakens the hidden qualities, and should offer self development.
  • Knowledge of the self is the first essential one for the blissful and beautiful life. He advocates an education that brings unity of souls, instills in the students the sprit of oneness and vastness. Children should be taught how to get mastery over it by themselves. Self-education and self-discipline are the essence of true education. An educational institution should be a place of light, of liberty and learning.