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Write up on an Audio & Problem Solving

Write up on an Audio & Problem Solving

The Erudite club in Queen Mira International School functions as a part of a programme to promote learning of the language and provide opportunities for interaction between the learner and the teacher, which is vital for making learning of the language easier and enjoyable.

The importance being given to learning of English arises from the realization that it can provide greater scope for job opportunities within and outside the country and proficiency in English helps the child remain tuned to developments in all fields of knowledge.

In the month of February Erudite club for Primary School (Grades 3, 4, 5) conducted an activity named ‘Write up on an audio’, where the students were asked to listen to an audio and then write their views on it. This induced analytical thinking in the children.

The Middle School (Grades 6, 7, 8) had ‘Problem Solving’ activity where each child was given a problem and was asked to speak on resolving the issue. It wasn’t a cake walk for the introverts initially but slowly had become a very lively activity in the class room as there was an active participation from all ends of the students. Students enjoyed this activity as they were able to think, relate and speak by putting them in the situations.

“The English Language is a work in progress; let’s have fun while learning it!”