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Camping at Yercaud

Camping at Yercaud

“Sleep beneath the stars and let your spirit soar free.”

As a part of Adventure Club, QMIS joining hands with Yourekha had given an excellent opportunity for the students of graders IV to XI to camp at Yercaud. It was three nights and four days package that was packed with fun, frolic, adventure and learning.

The Journey started at around 12.30PM from the school premises with 80 students and 8 staffs. The on road travel was about 8 hours. Though it was a long journey, the children made it lively and active as they were excited about exploring the world shortly.

All their excitements and expectations were fulfilled the moment they stepped into the camp. The instructors of Yourekha were all set to amuse the children with full vigour. They had planned the activities for the three days in such a way that their curiosity and eagerness increased each day.

On the first day children went for the hiking following which they had planned for the night out for graders VIII and above. Cold Air, Dark Night, Bright Stars. What else will one need? The team was even luckier as they were blessed with a heavy shower. It was real fun as the students had to pitch their own tent and cook their own food. As the children were taught in advance how to pitch tents, they were able to do it without the help of the instructors. Though the rain did spoil one of their activities – the campfire, the children learnt how to enjoy themselves in the prevailing situation. They had great enjoyment sitting inside the tent enjoying the nature as well as chatting with their near and dear ones.

After a night long rain, it did stop, giving the children the chance to undergo activities such as rappelling and friendship ladder on the second day. The day did end with the Talent time and the Gala Night. Following this on the third day, they had the closure ceremony and the instructors spent quality time with their teams understanding their learning and difficulties in the camp.

As the quote goes, “In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks” the children did carry heavy hearts in the place of heavy bags as they were not for coming back home. They did enjoy every minute of the camping and wanted more of it. As it was time for bidding farewell to the instructors and as well as to the campsite, they did take photographs as “Memories are the way of holding onto the things we love, the things we are, and the things we never want to loose.”. The team thanked the organisers for giving them such a wonderful camping experience and set off on their return journey.

Camp, Explore, Dream, Discover.

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