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Trip to Old Age Home

Trip to Old Age Home

Old Age is like climbing a mountain. You climb from ledge to ledge. The higher you get the more tired and breathless you become, but your views become extensive

Grandparents are treasures to be valued and taken care of. In the present scenario, most of them do not get a chance to live a life with their grandparents. In order to make the children understand the significance of them and make this world free of Old Age home, Graders 1 and 2 were taken to Madurai Corporation Shelter for Homeless Urban Poor managed by Mother Teresa Educational Trust.

As the quote goes, “Sharing is Caring”, the children showed their care in abundance by bringing in all the necessary items for them.

The journey started at around 10.30AM and on the way the children were educated that if there were grandparents at home, there will be no Day Care Centres around. And they can also help them with studies and will also entertain them with their stories.

Our children understood well that giving does not end with meeting their requirements but spending time is also important. So they did enjoy spending time with them. The highlight of this visit was Yathin of grade 2 B celebrated his birthday with these grandparents and got their whole hearted blessings. They were few who were reminded of their own children and grandchildren and were in tears.

Having a wonderful time with them, our children did promise that there would be no Old Age Home in the future.

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