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Picture Poetry

Picture Poetry

The Erudite Club in Queen Mira International School functions as a part of programme to promote the learning of the language and provide opportunities for interaction between the learner and the Teacher, which is vital for making learning of the language easier and enjoyable.

In the month of July Erudite Club for Grade VI conducted an activity named “Picture Poetry”, where the students were briefed about Poetry and the art of writing Poetry. They were also shown sample poems and were given explanation on employing the figures of speech.

The picture was projected in the classroom and the children were given time to write a poem on it.

Children were taught how to pen down their thoughts about the world they see. Through the picture they were able to understand how hardships mould and strengthen an individual. Children actively participated with enthusiasm to bring out the poet in them.

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”.