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Slumber bash Grade 2

Slumber bash Grade 2

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves will make them successful human beings.”

To make such successful human beings, we at QMIS plan for slumber bash, where we train the child to be independent. Whatever concept the child grasps, it stays in their mind forever. So the feeling of Independency was taught to them so that they grow up as flourishing individuals. The whole campus was felicitated with the theme “The world of Dino’s”. To welcome the children a baby dinosaur that has just hatched out from the egg was waiting. The children were really amazed to spend their night in such an ambience. They were all set to rock and party their night with their friends.

Good things always start with a prayer to God and a sweet so that everything turns out sweetly. So the children were welcomed with welcome drink.

The session started with the Principal’s address about what is slumber bash. This was followed by the Vice Principal sharing the agenda. The explanation given to them induced their expectations further. And the teachers were in full swing to fulfil them.

With full enthusiasm the children were taken for Edusports where our Edusports instructor was prepared with activities for the children as well as teachers. After enjoying their fun activities, they were taken for a movie show. They watched “The jungle book” with handful of popcorns. Following this was the Dance and brain gym. The children were made to have fun and exert themselves so that they would become hungry and relish their dinner. After re – energizing themselves, the second round of fun started with the campfire. As the weather was not that friendly, the children had to wind up early. After thanking God through prayer in the Natrajar Shrine, the children went to bed.

Morning the children were ready with their jog suit and hot Hershey’s milk to welcomed the sun. After jogging, children freshened up themselves getting ready for the Breakfast.

Sandwich and Muffins, What else will the children want? Having a happy breakfast, children packed their belongings and were eagerly waiting for their parents to come, as they had lots to share with them.

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