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Teachers’ Day Celebration

Teachers’ Day Celebration

Great inventors and leaders are not born. They are motivated and inspired to do great things by great teachers like you!

On account of Teachers’ Day, a grand celebration took place on the 10th of September to make the teachers feel they are special and as a note of gratitude. This was organised by grade 11 students. The event marked its beginning with an invocation to God.

All the teachers were excited and eager to know what the children have planned for them. The teachers were made to feel very special right from the moment they stepped into the school. There was a pleasing welcome from the children along with beautiful roses and a warm smile. The children had taken meticulous efforts to occupy the teachers for the whole day with fun and frolic. They did take up the roles of a teacher and also made the teachers become students by conducting various competitions for them. The teachers participated with full enthusiasm and zeal. The Poster making and flameless cooking competitions were held first and it was followed by fun quiz and foot loose.

The children were very happy to see their teachers dance to the tunes. With these competitions, the morning session came to an end. After the lunch break, teachers were made to sit back and enjoy the various cultural programmes performed by the children. The highlight of this session was, each teacher was called on to the stage with a special intro song, to collect the memento. Following this was a spectacular dance show by the girls and boys of grade IX. Tamil Mozhi of grade 11 sang a beautiful song about the teachers that she had composed. Grade 11 girls also did present a beautiful dance that was a real treat for the spectators.

Just like adding a cherry on a cake, Sriram of grade 11 along with his sister Harini of grade IV ended the show with their fantabulous dance performance. When everybody thought that the day has come to an end, it did continue never ending. There was the prize distribution and one more round of fun events for the teachers to make the day unforgettable for them.

Very often it is found that the students who get inspired by the teachers are those who inspire the teachers as well.

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