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A Visit to Decathlon

A Visit to Decathlon

Healthy day starts with a healthy body and a healthy mind. QMIS strongly believes in the practice of regular exercises. To inculcate the need of regular exercise through various sports, children from grade 3 to grade 7 visited Decathlon sports fest in Othakkadai, Madurai on 22nd of October. It was their first anniversary celebration.

The fest was supported by the Auroville Sports academy. The students were taken around the sports store and were educated on the various sports materials available. Test rides were also available.

There were around 15 events in which our students participated with lots of enthusiasm. The Zumba dance marked their beginning. They had a wonderful time dancing to the music. Later they played Cricket, basket ball and football. They also had wall climbing, Archery, golf, Table tennis, shuttle, Horse riding and Rappelling. The children had great enjoyment in the wading pool.

Memories are always sweet to remember. Our children did cherish every moment and carried it as memories.

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