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KG Farewell

KG Farewell

““Farewell is not to say good bye, but to take extended leaves of absences from each other.”.”
As we all move from one phase of life to another, we often look back at least once and assess what it is we leave behind. And what we see is

  • We add baggage to our future, or
  • Encourage us to move forward, or
  • Show us where we can enhance our personal growth.
  • The first one is the least desirable one but the last two points are the most useful ones.

    And this is where a farewell becomes very important. This will reduce our baggage, as we leave on a good or a better note. The word Farewell has in itself a lot of emotions, relationships, happiness, and tears and so on. But it is just enjoyment and fun for the little ones. They do not have a heavy heart of being away from friends as they always keep thinking and speaking about their friends.

    Our kindergarteners also did rock and roll on their farewell day that was organized on 24th of March. They took up this opportunity to thank their teachers and their friends who have been a part of their life for almost a year.

    The fondest memories are formed gathered around the table. So children did bring a lot of food to share with their friends. There was also sharing of laughter and fun. The children entertained their teachers through their dance and also made the teachers dance to the tunes. On the whole the day was filled with happiness and excitement as they were all about to go on their vacation.

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